Sunday, 17 February 2013

Only the Good: Human Nature

At Manos Nail Lounge, we believe in partnering with social enterprises and organizations that have the best interest of society and the environment in mind. This is why it was very natural for us to support Human Nature when deciding what products to use and feature. I was introduced to the brand years ago when I was a full time worker for Gawad Kalinga. They were just starting as a company back then, but it was already very clear that the people behind Human Nature were very passionate about empowering Filipinos and ending poverty in our country through social entrepreneurship.

We're very proud to use these high-quality natural products for a number of our services to enhance your Manos experience. HN has a thrust of being pro-poor, pro-Philippines and pro-environment, so you can be sure that these products are not only 100% free from toxic substances, but also aid the in various initiatives to help communities and farmers all over the county.

Allow me share with you which of their products are my absolute favorite:

All natural goodness!
Clockwise from top left: Hand and foot salve, massage oil, hand sanitizer spray, sunflower beauty oil

1. Hand and foot salve
This comes in a variety of yummy variants (I personally love the relaxing eucalyptus scent), and the small size makes it perfect for your handbag. I love how it really moisturizes and softens my hands and feet without leaving it sticky. Goodbye dry skin!

2. Massage oils
We use this product for our full body and extended massages, and boy does it add to a truly stress-relieving experience. You can relax completely knowing that the all-natural oil being massaged on you is free from any harmful chemicals. Only the good for you and your skin!

3. Spray sanitizer
Convenient and in a variety of clean scents, I never leave home without it. The spray allows me to use it on my hands, or even on other surfaces such as public toilet seats. They also have kiddie scents that make it easy for the young ones to be hygienic.

4. Sunflower beauty oil
HN calls this their miracle product because of its myriad of uses: moisturizing skin, giving extra shine to your locks, and lightening dark spots, to name a few. At Manos we buff this on to give some extra tlc to your nails after the gel polish removal process.

We're also very proud of the Manos ladies for having been featured in Human Nature's Pinay and Proud campaign, which celebrates the inner and outer beauty of Filipinas. If you'd like to check out Manos Nail Lounge features by HN, pls use the links below:

All the above mentioned products (and our other top faves!) can also be purchased at Manos for you to enjoy. Here's to everyday personal care products that are not just good for ourselves, but also Mother Nature and our dear Philippines.


For more information on Human Nature's advocacy and products, please visit their website 

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