Sunday, 11 November 2012

Financial Stewardship Workshop

Mike Go, Human Nature's Head for Social Enterprise Development, spends his Sunday morning at Manos to conduct the talk!

More than just productivity and sustainable employment, we at Manos aspire to provide wholistic development and empowerment to our team. We believe in providing our staff fair wages and benefits, as well as instilling values such as work ethic, responsibility, and stewardship.

Last month we held a workshop for the Manos ladies on Financial Stewardship. Together with a special guest, we all shared insights on saving, budgeting and opportunities. It was clear that higher income received does not necessarily equate to being more forward thinking: "Bakit ganun- kapag maliit kinikita, kasyang kasya lang. Kapag malaki, parang kasyang kasya rin lang din?" That morning, the girls were able to reflect on and compute their monthly expenses, the different sources of income of the household, and how much money they are able to save. The talk was quite insightful, and I believe the Manos ladies learned to use the income more responsibly, especially in the upcoming Christmas season.

I'm excited about the other talks lined up! So grateful for team that's eager and open to learn about different things, and for friends and clients who become our partners in our mission. Ü

-- Felice

PS: Special thank you to Mike Go, Human Nature's Head for Social Enterprise Development, for spending Sunday morning with us to conduct the talk!

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